Friday, October 30, 2009

追星篇之李民浩 Lee Min Ho in the House~/ SS501


Lee Min Ho,
cast as the leader of F4, Goo Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers,
A new face for Korean famous cosmetic brand Etude House,
is having his promotion tour for Etude house...

Date: 25th Oct 09
Location: Sungai Wang

By the time I reached, is around 3++pm...
There is already a huge crowd in front of the stage.
Well Lee Min Ho is supposed to appear at 6pm sharp.
It's not possible for me to standing there and squeezing with crowd for 3 hours ... alone.

6pm, Lee Min Ho appeared punctually! But , I can't see him!!!!
Ish... thousand of people blocking my view...!
Now i hope i can grow 2 inches taller @.@
damn... I only can get a few glances of him...


Don't need to mention about my poor camera...
blur blur blur! ahhh~~~

People everywhere... screaming and shouting... wow
I can't even get a place to squeeze myself in...
Serve your right lar, who ask you to go walk walk until last minute...
Some of the fans queued in front of the stage since morning!
Crazy! I admit defeat ... LOL
I'm not that crazy, yet.

But for sure, he is stunning and cute!
And tall, especially when standing among shorties malaysian XD
又腼腆。Perfect type! XD

He smile all the way during the show.
Yea, All the way!

His smile is worth to die for ... LOL
for his crazy fans lar...

He only appear for 5 mins before he return to back stage.
And when the time he came out again, is autograph session.
Yes, I joined the crowd.
Risking my own life!
Yea, It's dangerous.
The girls push here and there...
Screaming here and there...
That's what i heard during the queue for the autograph
"Oppa, Oppa Look here!"
"Oppa Oppa Sarangheyo!"
"Uncle, You're so suave, Please let us go in first!"
"Lee Min Ho, Why are you so famous? If you arent, I won't end up at here"
So funny until I can't stop laughing...

It's HOT @.@
I try so hard to balance myself in the crowd.
I might get kill if i slip and fall. LOL!
I was squeezing in the crowd for half hour...
before the people in charge announce the end of autograph session.
Disappointed but...
Run first!
before the crowd starts to dismiss...

Phew, I'm safe. :D
No signature. Full of sweat. LOL
never mind lar.
Cool experience anyway.
My parents will give me 2 word: “傻婆”

Don't be disappointed for my poor quality pictures...
Here you go with nice nice pictures!

Taken from Lisa's blog.

Oops I forgot about my Yoon Ji Hoo senbei~
Another cute guy from BOF...
The leader of SS501!
Here are some fav songs of mine from them! Enjoy^^

Find- SS501
So sad... The violin sounds so beautiful...

Because I'm Stupid
Theme song of BOF

SS501 w Cool dance

Ur Man
Although it's just triple S, still cool!

funny show 谢谢你叫醒我 series...
Funny way to wake up SS501
It's hilarious...
Sleeping King Hyun Joong Oppa still looks suave with his sleepy face
The youngest Hyung Joon Looks so cute and innocent lar ... *LOVE*

I need to pick up my korean langauage asap ...
but the pronunciation is hard enough
needless to mention about the triangle square circle korean character @.@
Recently i have learn a new korean word
means ~fool~

Happy day to everyone,Pabo! ^^


Panzer Templer said...

lol siapa tu?

cH33_m31 said...

wow~~~~ It's really very crowded!!!
but very fun rite??