Monday, September 21, 2009

I miss you...

I wanna go home...
I miss my family...
I miss them so badly...

It's been one month since the last time i went back...
I used to go back to visit them once every 2 weeks...


The only place i feel safe and peace
The place i can laugh out loud, cry out loud
The place that surrounded with Love...

I'm feeling so
I never satisfied with what i have.
Didn't I?
There's something missing in my life.
Some part of my heart is feeling empty...

There will be one day,
will fill it up for me.
And I hope it's tomorrow.
Although it is not possible.


Panzer Templer said...

hmmm, no matter how many friends u have or meet wont able to satisfy you. stop trying to find friends to fill that emptiness, find a boyfriend instead. because everything u need (from your blog), isn't to be expected from a friend, it is from a boyfriend :) dont be scared, dont pull back when u and the person (that u are interested in) are getting closer, this will only make things worse for both of you. expect less but give more, this not only basic of social, but relationship also. we all only got 1 life, if you scared of relationship, when only your emptiness will be filled? do not deny the feeling, do not feel paiseh, walk straight, stand strong, work for what we want. if we cant do these basic thing of life, we will surely regret it when this life ends. take the first step now, and u wont feel the same anymore but remember, everyone is different even twins, both guy and girl, that makes everyone is unique so, never expect, because expectation leads to miserable life. it is understandable to want a guy that is your dream guy but think, everyone got their pros and cons, even ourself give up the ego, look positively. lastly, never expect a person to change because, is it possible to bend a grown tree to the shape we want? yes you can, but only the growing branches.

now to possible questions:
1)why cant i have the dream guy that i have in mind?
A)yes you can, male's population in the world makes up to 3 billion++/6 billion++(total), well if u got the $$ and the time, u could fly around to find the 0.000000000333% guy

2)why cant a guy stop smoking?
A)can, if you can replace or undo the reason why he start smoking
(eg: if a guy emo and start smoke because too lonely, fill up the loneliness in him, he will slowly find it pointless to smoke)

3)i'm not strong enough
A)there are no one is born strong, no matter how emotionally strong the person is, during baby that time, u try whack the butt, sure cry 1. why they are strong now? because they willing to take the first step

4)why he always choose the other girl?
A)erm, why u always go for/accept a guy that already got another girl? unless u feel fun doing so, it is pointless because they been together for so long that they accept each other's weakness. something like u use sony ericson's phone so long already, suddenly giv u a nokia phone to use, u'll interested in it at first but if ask u choose in the end, u'll end up using SE's phone back why? because u are used to it.

5)whats wrong being selfish?
A)will u accept a person being selfish to u?

6)why cant he fulfill the promise friends forever only?
A)get a girl friend or robot or a gay guy or a guy that never bother about love as friend (confirm wont exist 1, even Albert Einstine also fall in love)

7)why cant he 100% focus on u?
A)erm, can, if u and him trade place, u work for $$ and he stay in house look over for kid, do all the housechores, cleaning, cooking, etcs.. u wan?

8)why cant he fulfill all my expectations?
A)to fulfill all of it, there are no single soul in this world, this 1 i can confirm you that can fulfill it. u can, get 10 husbands and then divide the expectation to each of them.

9)why cant u be a princess?
A)this is not prince and princess world anymore, sorry to say that u are born in wrong era and in wrong country.

10)this is non of my business, why i bother commenting?
A)sorry if i offended you, all this is just an advice, it is totally up to u to take it or not. well, it is quite long already since we really talk to each other, so most of the thing i mentioned is last time de question i guess that u have in mind.

not only humans can be selfish, god can be selfish also (if you believe in Him), enjoy what u have now because nothing last forever. learn to let go, a basic of life. learn to give, this world is not owned by you. learn to forgive, unless you want to be hate or hated by someone forever.

Panzer Templer said...

sorry for this huge load of comment but i dowan to see 1 of my friend emotionally suffers like this :) this is most probably my last advice to anyone. old already and more responsibility forcing their way to my hand. so here i wish good luck for u so that some1 special to u will fulfill your emptiness :D