Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I just passby the Hell Gate

here goes the story:

I was having my Nasi Lemak at 4 something in my office when I wasn't that hungry. Well, I bought it at Old town around 11am and brought it back to office. It was supposed to be my lunch. But i don't really had the appetite to eat it at all.

And the food, obviously is not that fresh already. It was keeping in a closed container for 5 hours. The rice and the egg, had turn sour. Aiks, who care. I don't want to waste the food. I might just spend a few more hours in the toilet later. I thought.

6pm. Everybody went home. Left me alone at office.
Well never mind. I can continue playing with my computer.
But suddenly my heart's beating hard. I thought it's normal.
I used to experience that when I get emo or stress.
That's why I didn't really bother about it.

But the feeling is getting stronger ...
It's like something stucked into my chest and make me hardly breath...
I sense something wrong.
The heart is beating so fast like it's going to stop anytime.
I'm out of breath.
I quickly pack my stuff and dash out from my office. Because there's NO ONE in the office!

I was heading towards FIT buidling. I tried my best to reach there asap as I told Laoda that I will meet him in his office earlier.
The time I arrived, Laoda hasn't reached yet. I was sitting alone in front of the office. Strengthless.
Breath in and breath out.
Try to relax myself.

I felt so helpless...
I was alone.
Nobody can help me.
Nobody has come across my mind...
Even there's someone, I doubt he will come to me ...

I called for my last solution, My Mum.
I'm too weak to say anything.
My body is shivering.
And my heart's still thumping fast.
The 1st word that came out from my mouth:
"Mum, I'm scared"

Finally I burst into tears.
I'm so scared that I think I will die.
Mummy asked me to pray to Jesus,
Jesus will save me.
And eventually, I felt better.

I hang up the phone.
And Laoda and Kenny arrived.
I'm So embarrased to let them see my swollen eyes.
And I still need to go to the toilet a while to calm myself down.
The heartbeat tempo id still fast. And my hand's still shivering.
My voice is still shaking.
It took me half hour for my condition to back to normal.

The whole process scared me enough.
I thought I'm going to die. LOL!
and I'm not sure whether is the basi Nasi Lemak cause this incident.
Is the Nasi Lemak that geng?
LOL... i got phobia dy...
Should I go for a medical check up?
Save it lar.
If really got problem nothing that i can do oso.
Scary ... T_T

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yh said...

I have gone through same incident few times in my life b4. That feeling is damn suffering. Like going to get heart attack and "duan qi". I think nothing to do with the nasi lemak. It's might be caused by blood flowing on the heart not tat smooth like usual. Eat chocolate can help to smoothen the heart flowing in the heart.