Monday, September 14, 2009

*BEWARE* SS Picture flooded!!

It's been such a Long time ago since I posted photos with nice clothes over here...
So today, Im going to flood this thread with lots of photossssssssssssss...
I warn u 1st, most of the photos are belongs to Ms Jiayi SS categories ...

Branded clothes? Can't afford?
Never mind...
We pick, and try, and shoot, and Go.
Free! LOL
Clothes from Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins etc...

Do I looks like a present? A not so cute one ><

This dress is tooo Sweet! And it can match my cute little Pink bag =D

Pinky Polka dot Dress!

The cutting is so nice :)

Looks a bit old LOL

Polka dot! A little short for me :P

Cute puffy skirt! I love the way how the skirt "float" hahaha

Typical Punk Style Me

ahhh.. layer skirt *love*

Nice dress in CHIKAKO, not branded but still can't afford :(

Random Clothes in Nichii

Padini is expensive ... =.=

1st tube top, specially bought for Ms Alice birthday party at F.O.S

Fav evening dress *LOVE*

to be continue...

My SS partner- Miss Alice

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cH33_m31 said...

yo girl!
U look so confident now...envy u that u know how to pose so gracefully...hehe~i must learn more from u le~