Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shut your F up!

Seriously, i don't give a shit about you.
But i really had enough!

I pretend that I know nothing when u back stabbed me or talk bad about me behind my back.
I don't want to start the war.

Now you irritated me.
Why do you interrupt when that things are nothing to do with you?
You are not involved, know nothing
and u just listen blindly from people
and started to spout those stupid nonsense?
without even analyze it
with your brain?

Come on, Wake up!
Do u want me to tell u everything is fair in this world?
I'm not guilty.
I'm not doing anything wrong.
I didn't force people to help me this and that.

I got my own style.
I'm lazy.
I'm easy going.
I'm not getting stressed that easily.
Am I committing a crime?
I'm not HURTING anyone!

Then why are u comparing me with others?
Because I'm lucky to have a smooth life?
Because I'm blessed by God to meet good people in my life?
Hard work doesn't pay off every time.
You should learn to adapt the rules of the society and reality.
Don't blame me on the unfortunate event that fall on some other people.
Who should I blame when i met a "friend" like you?
Destroy my reputation and made everybody hate me, is this your purpose?

I don't care, seriously.
Like I never betrayed by "friend" before.
Long time ago, some other fellow did that on me.
Make my life that miserable and terrible.
I was live in hell.
I DRINK and I even wanted to smoke.
Criticize me, leave me, ignore me, and the cold look from her eyes, I will never forget.
I asked for forgiveness, when I didn't even get a reason of apologizing?
and she just leave without bothering to say a goodbye.

and what friendship is,
just a shit.
I know who treat me well, and I know who should disappear from my life.

If you are disagree with me, that's the end.
If you think I'm that terrible person, You could just leave.
No point of staying.


Anonymous said...

one people comment about you, maybe is the people's problem.

2 people people comment about you,
maybe is the 2 people's problem.

if many many people comment about you, then i think is your problem.

♥ 氷姫の世界♥

why don't you dare to leave your name? I just feel irritated when third party interrupt something that she/he is not involved. That's what we called busybody. Somebody got no right to spout nonsense about others business when she/he don't even know the fact!totally pissed off.

Panzer Templer said...

to this anonymous, if u got the gut to comment anything, say ur name, if gutless, stop trying to talk shit and trying to look cool with your comment, if u are a guy, i feel sorry for ur parents for raising this kind of son without ball, if u are a girl, u are some kind of busybody bitch, no matter 'what' are u, who the fuck gave u the right to mess with other's life? so, get a life of ur own instead of messing with other's

Red said...

anonymous comments are normally disregarded. cause they lack backing and are not worth our eyes. to cousin: stay strong. no need to waste your time on such noobs. what is the truth cannot be altered. people can see for themselves who is the one slandering. be yourself and not let worthless people affect your mood. some people deserve your affection. those who absolutely fail can just disappear. god bless you! =)

♥ 氷姫の世界♥

thanks... I'm perfectly alright. I won't be affected since I'm not guilty. I Just wanted to sound it out, it's not feeling good to be accused by some "crime" that i didn't do.

Anonymous said...

To Panzer Templer : u asking who the fuck give me the right to mess with other's life? well..i din't,did i? what your proof that i am messing with other's life?? And who the fuck give u the right to scold me like this? and i am just being low profile not to saying out my name...well, i am not like you, a little bit then talk about other people parent...haiz...really no comment about you...

♥ 氷姫の世界♥

hey pls mind ur words and keep my blog clean. I donwant to see any dirty word here. and please tell ur name. instead of being "low profile". we can have a talk.

Red said...

agreed. if you want your comments to mean something and be heard. use a name which people can identify with. not some nameless ghost. can only say people who enjoy shooting through online facades are truly childish. the fact that you post something means that there is no such thing as low profile. hey, you can go play with your toys now. adults-only section.