Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Outing with gals ...

yea Sweet moment again! Thanks to them for willing to spend time with me =D
*beware* camwhore appeared! XD

Best fren 4eva...
I know i said something gross, but pls love me girls X_X

I love this dress until I never bear to take off!
*The promoter said no photography allowed, who cared! XD*
Who sponsor me, it is RM599! I think im gonna wear this on my wedding @.@!!!
It will be 100 years later XP

This cute dress is cheaper, around RM200 or 300...
Seriously, the dress is tight @.@

1st time in TOPSHOP! I heard there had really nice clothes. So we visit the shop and the price showing is .... OMG!!!
Well, TOPSHOP do had nice dress. This pinky little shirt is doing 50% off...
After discount still cost RM100++ @.@
I need to work harder @.@

Sufung, your head!!!

The black n white skirt is funky! Yoyo!
Belt sponsored by Sufung. Well actually i stole it from her =X

1st try on flower dress as well! Not bad eh...
I think Sherlyn had tried on this before...
hehe sure she looks better in the dress... ^^

Alice said this pic looks complicated... cuz our dresses are complicated XD

Stay tuned ! 2 weeks later im sure got more picture for updated! Ha!

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