Monday, August 24, 2009


I've been wondering...
Did i hurt someone unconsciously while i always feel hurt by some other else.
I hurt a lot of people that loved me ... I assumed.
I'm really sorry about that.
I've always thought that I'm the one who's being hurt, by the one i loved.
The thinking that i might hurt someone i loved, it never came across my mind.
I'm sorry that I'm such a terrible person.
For those I've hurt.
include myself. :P

Let's be friend! whoever you are.
Since we got the fate to know each other, don't waste it!
Let's be friend instead of stranger or enemy LOL

I'm sorry if i did something that hurt you.
When I was building a shield to protect myself.

Ah... I need hair cut on my fringe again...
It will be long enough to cover my eyes during the time of the competition!
Who wanna offer free haircut to me?

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