Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good News? Bad News? The truth is, I'm in... LOL

I'm in? Into what?
Come lets guess... LOL

I'm able to get into the top 15 finalist of song composing competition that organized by

for more information pls take a look at here-> 全国青少年潮极爱国华语歌曲创作比赛

But there're a request from the unit in charge, they request me to modify the lyrics.

He: The judge said that your song is nice, the melody is nice.
But the lyrics... errr, is a bit negative?
It's not suitable for our theme...
As we wanted people to get encouragement and motivation from the song...

Me: Ok... I think I can do it...
since it is for the competition's sake.
But the melody is full of sorrow, do u think it can transform into a positive song?

He: Ehm , I don't think the melody is sad.
I hope that the lyrics can bring out hope to the listener.

Me: Ok T.T

It's impossible for me to say no right?
I've to follow the Competition's theme instead of
insisting on my own style,
or the original meaning of the song.
And this is the 1st time Emo Jiayi write Positive song?
Eh... I think no...
I think "Non-Stop Tears" is quite a positive song rite?
for those who heard it before...

Ah ... never mind that...
This is a big challenge for me.
I've been cracking my head to think of a set of POSITIVE lyrics since yesterday night ...
Mia... It's so damn hard.
Until now I still haven't get myself a satisfied outcome... Haih...

And what's the bad news?
It supposed to be happy right?
grrr... Not at all... I haven't tell you the song title that got into final right?
..... It's just 3 days ......
By the way, is the chinese version.
More emo than the English cacat version
(Is cacat seriously, ppl think im singing japanese song! WTH... sob...)
You can listen the cacat version at my playlist there...
and the original mandarin version.
pls refer to my song list :)

And now here go another POSITIVE version.
WTH this song got so many version lar!
I Do Love this song.
I Do Wish it to be selected in the competition.
BUT I Don't Wish To Perform It on the STAGE!
I'm in dilemma.
Since the moment they tell me the song is selected.
I become emo, instead of Excited.
I really don't wish to remember a single thing.
Why must God treat me in that way?
Wanna force me to face everything?
Fine, I will accept the Challenge.
Let's see how much can I take.
I just afraid I might get heart attach in the middle of preparing for the competition.

Ha! Just kidding.

Here is the original lyrics of the song

It’s just 3 days




爱情 我早已看得彻底

独自一个人 也能活得开心

是你 让我放下戒心

放开自己 对你爱的彻底


贴心的小惊喜 动了心

别轻易放弃 继续努力



It’s just 3 days and now u're gone

再多的泪水 无法挽回





你的心 到底向往哪里?

为什么轻易 说放弃

结束的每一句 伤痛了我的心

为什么你把爱情 看得那么轻


你每句我爱你 变得儿戏

开始是你 结束也是你



It’s just 3 days and now u're gone




Baby I Miss You


你把我捧起 又把我推入谷底



你那深邃眼睛 我到底该如何将你忘记


Emo? for me is quite EMO de lor...

Want me to transform ...
Haih the outcome is not tat satisfying.
When i done with the PERFECT new lyrics...
I will show u guys here...
But seriously, the new lyrics look so FAKE!
U cant believe it actually written by me...

Damn it @.@

One question for myself:
IF you can get a bright future and lots of fortune
by producing those song that brought u sorrow,
will u choose to get money and future by experience those bad relationship,
had a lovely relationship without producing any songs
(Emo Jiayi only can produce emo song when she is emo)

that means,
Bread and Love,
Which one will you choose?


For the sake of being typical Pisces.

Woman in Black= Emo
LOL, since when i ve become a woman... I'm old :(

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