Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Until now, I still can feel the fullness of my stomach after having my dinner at Sakae Sushi at 4.30 just now ... It just too much than my stomach can afford ... Buffet just not suitable for me...

Thanks to Vincent Dai Gor, I had my first try on Sakae Sushi Buffet at IOI Puchong! It is his 1st time too.. haha

Rm22.90 for student or senior citizen if i not remember wrongly.
Only Green Plate and Pink plate is included in the buffet at 3-6pm excluded weekend and public
Chawan Mushi, dessert and tea is extra charge. So u better enquire from the staff before u order any Special food from the menu...

We're indulging in the World of Kids...
We had ordered Soooooo many food from Kid's Menu which is newly launched recently...
I'm still a kid... I don't know Dai Gor... :P

Having Hotdog in Sushi Restaurant?! Well, we just eat for fun... haha

We didn't eat this. It is a red plate. BTW the promotion for the buffet is buy 2 free 1 for redplate if im not mistaken.

Cute Right? Mickey mouse... Dai Gor said its round face is too big to put in his mouth. Really? *NGEK*

Star Fishball +Egg = Kid's Favorite!

RiceBall. Or football? Ehm, we won't want to waste our stomach space to stuff it with plain rice. Skip.

FREE Soba... Taste not bad in the end after you stuffed your stomach with full of sweet and sour sushi rice. This salty soba will neutralize your taste bud. It works for me.

Dai gor thought it is a tempura dishes so he order it. But after i checked back the menu, it is written vege that fried with tempura flour or something ... LOL so it is VEGE!!! Haha, we just had few bite and left it. >.<

Yam... Same taste like what we had in DimSum restaurant. haha

My 1st try on soft shell crab! Daigor order for me. It is like, fish meat? not bad. It is number 1 in Sakae sushi ranking!

Dai Gor's fav Unagi...

It is in Fish shape. Can't see it? Never mind... Kid's food anyway.

Mr Potato! It supposed to look as Doraemon in the MENU!!! But why this looks like... me?
WEi! >.<

Our favorite fried Scallop! We had four plate in total ... LOL

Dai Gor: Did I eat that much? Me: Yes, You did.

Daigor: Holy Crap! I can't take it anymore...

I feel like to throw up when i was smilling at the camera... LOL

As a conclusion, it is Not a bad experience. The food is nice. The price is OK. But we actually didn't save much because We didn't take a lot of food also. Haih, We just not suitable to eat buffet lar!
Then how m i going to have my try on Jogoya? I sure rugi alot >.<


yh said...

Seem so nice the food. >_< Go sendiri while i'm working.

Vincy said...

walao... my pic there so ugly... remove it pls.. XD

Jiayi said...

YH:Who ask you want to work? XD
Vincy: Is you who said wanna put this photo as display pic one wor... still say ugly? Bribe me lar, i help u remove XD