Wednesday, July 8, 2009



I ve been watching lotss of movie lately... means i spent a lot of money T.T

I dun really attracted by movie since I was small. Maybe is becuz my parents never (a couple times in 10 years not counted)bring me to cinema before. To them, buying a single DVD or VCD is more worthy than buying a bunch of tickets to sit in aircon room for 2 hours. Haha. So usually i will reject my friend's invitation to cinema during my secondary school life. For me, movie is wasting time. i better use the time for shopping. Aha! XD

ok.Enough of craps.

Recently I ve watched Hannah Montana, Blood:The Last Vampire and Transformer...

Hannah Montana

I didn't specially go cinema for this movie , I watched it becuz of no other choice. I even 10min late for the movie. I missed Tyra part!
But suprisingly, this movie impressed me...
The song, the dance, the movie... And the female character is cute! (ignore the scandal, haha)
Now I'm falling in love with the song, The climb-Miley Cyrus.
Anyone who love High School Musical or disney movie should watch this! Highly recommened! hehe

Blood: The Last Vampire.

I watched this becuz of nothing to do after dinner. Lol
Why i pick this?
Cuz the female character is my idol!ohoho
Super sweet Jeon Ji-hyun!
She is really pretty.
But about the movie... ehehe. skip tat part... :P

More pretty pics of her!

And the Hot pick: Transformers 2!

Nah, one comment: Why the Movie so Long one?!
So hard to get the ticket...
I almost fall asleep in the cinema. haha
And i finish the popcorn within 30min
yum yum...
Hot pick != my type
Robot is Cute..
And the female character is Hot!!!!!!!!
lol... I'm Les or what?
But she is really hot lar... ehehe
the male character looks old :P
I prefer the general... ohoho
Many robots... Hard to differentiate which is which lorr..
But the yellow one and the twin is cute!
And the Dai Lou of the good side(forgot what name dy)
Olimpus or what, is cool also...

My vote will go to Hannah Montana, obviously :D

Next movie I'm going to watch
Ice Age 3
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Premier!

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