Saturday, July 4, 2009

First Try on Korean Cuisine

~ Costume of the Day ~

Yooooo... Is purple...!!!
Chew, I never want to wear like this next time anymore.
I looks so freaking OLD wei!!! :(
Ok lar, is mature.
But I want to look cute, Can???
Nah, here is your vomit bag...

I'm so bored of the foods that I had every time in the shopping centre.
Chinese, Western, Japanese, Fast food is so common for my taste buds.
So, this time I'm going to try out something new...

KOREAN cuisine!

which i never dare to try it before.

Here is the Korean Cuisine shop which located at Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid.
I think it is another Malaysian-style Korean food...

I thought only Japanese cuisine got Bento Set? Ok, never mind.

I had ordered the "famous" Korean Rice Cake which I always saw in Korean Drama, When the scene is around at the street. Those people standing beside the truck or van and eating rice cake, which is selling on the truck as well.

The taste is like... soft dough, which is sour? LOL
I'm not good in description.
Taste So-so...

Here start our taste bud challenge...

:Ok. I'm gonna try out the Korean tradisional, MUST HAVE food - Kimchi!

:I wonder how it taste like?

:here we go...


:It's SupeeeeeeeeeeeeeR SOUR!!!

:Holy ****...

:This is the Culprit which twisted my face...!!!

:Must I finish the rest??

Haih, I know, these photos is going to ruin my image...

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