Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daicon 09 Day 1 Update!

I was sooooooo bz and tired for the last weekend, finally got time to update my blog !
What am i bz with?
Its Daicon!
In case any of you dunno what kind of event is it,
It is an expo that has been created for the sole purpose of showcasing the latest and most innovative in the world of modern Japanese visual culture, from audio to video, print as well as interactive media.(Quote from

Saturday, Day 1, I didn't manage to capture many picture as I'm too nervous for the Karaoke Preliminary Stage...

战斗服。。。i know it looks weird >.<
Make up and hair style by Nana... Thx to her ^^

Cute figurine... My fav Haruhi! I love her bcuz I once "cosplay" as her, if u still can remember the Haruhi dance in the Gacc 2007 >.<

It's Kat-tun!!! Well, Im not actually a real fans of them, but i do like some of their song, and attracted by their handsome face... lol.. But there re still no enough reason for me to purchase their mechandise... unless is SPEED! muahaha....

Manage to take a few photo with the cosplayer ... I know in the 3rd photo my Expression is so WRONG... Im actually trying to act... Cool? LOL... Failed!

Karaoke Contest
Im contestant No 13, and I totally freaked out by the Superrrrrrrr Lauya sound system.
The background music hardly can be heard.
And I became so nervous as I only can heard my Vocal.
I ve to pull the mic far away enough from my mouth so that my voice won't cover the background music.
Luckily I din off pitch and key too much...
But actually these few weeks my throat have been suffering from inflammation and bla bla bla..
My vocal is actually in a very unstable condition.
And of course, Im sooo unsatisfied with my performance.
But luckily, I manage to memorize the super duper hard and fast lyrics. Which is Ayumi Hamasaki's song : Surreal...

Pls bear with it, I admit it is not good >.<>.<

This is the one who gain so much attention from the crowd during singing competition... He actually sing with his mask on... LOL
I dunno what it called lar... But its really ... Interesting.. LOL haha

Come to some SS pic....

Since when this dinosaur appeared at MMU? Sorry, I ve been away from my dear campus for too long... Since my supp paper... LOL... Did i told u I passed my Supp? Its act not really something proud ... :P

And I manage to get into final 10. Phew...
I was eating my lunch when they announce the result...
Walau.... I dash back to grand hall and get on the stage with sweaty face =_+

A tiring day. Went home after the announcent of the result of finalist...
Got to prepare for the final 2mr! >.<

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