Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Outing Picture Updated

This time our outing purpose is to celebrate my friend Leven's birthday.

Yooo! borrow his cap to act hip hop. haha


*I love my Hair..*

LEGO world!

Cool huh?

Cute Joey!

Its kinda unlike me huh? Haha ...

with Birthday Boy...

KLCC night view...

Group Photo

Birthday Boy and Girl

Me & Joey

This drink called Blow J** *ehmm*

The menu ... *ehmm*

It was my 1st time to club at KL.
Hm, The experience is not so bad.
Nothing too bad, except the music.
Trance is not suitable for dancing at all.
I prefer HipHop or RnB. Haha.
The DJ is repeating the same beat n rhythm again and again.
What the ... Sucks lor.
I didn't get to meet bad guy. Too bad XD
Cuz there re someone protect me all the way.
Or should I blame him for killing my opportunity to have an encounter with cute boys, hahaha...
Well, Nice experience.

Well, imagine me dancing on the stage?
Ok, Pls don't. >.<''' Anyway, No one would recognize me after I step out the club. :P

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