Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Photo+ recent outing

Yo! Photo Time!
Since i found my Cardreader. Kekeke
*Ah, Sorry for the poor photo quality as i shrink the photo size so that i can upload all the photos in shorter time.I won't do it next time :P*

Group Pic During XY&KK birthday

GDC Appreciation Lunch At Neway

Don't stop the Voice!!DongTaiDu Music Festival

Creative Booths

*The stuff toys are so cute, but Expensive lor! I rather to Make it Myself*

Underground Band performance.
Lol Black Metal wei... My ear can't tahan. Heard that DJ very geng also. But really not my cup of tea T_T

NZX, Ara Damansara

Full House @ NZX

*The Environment is Nice, But the food... ehm... >.<'''*


No cages for dogs! They are running freely in the shop.
I got to play with them and Chat with the staff for 2 hours!
Hoho, he is such an experienced dog owner!
The dogs are so adorable and well trained!
I am for sure to get one for myself in the future! But my nose is sensitive leh >.<


~~** theng **~~ said...

so cute neh the dog ..

Jiayi said...

ya lorr... hohoho. the one im holding is pekingese...