Monday, April 20, 2009

He's just NOT that into you

I just watched this movie with my pal yesterday. It is ... cool?

Haha, Maybe you thought it is just another typical American romantic comedy. But what the movie tell is not just jokes and hilarious stuffs, but it tells u the truth. It's too cruel to admit it, but it just happened around us!

Stop finding excuses for the man who:
-Doesn't Want to Marry You

-Breaking Up with You

-Disappeared on You

-Not Asking You Out

-Not Calling You

They re just NOT that into u!

Somehow I think women are pathetic and poor creatures.
Why their life always being manipulated by guys?
Why they have to wait the guys to INTO her so that they can take further action?
Why can't woman do it in the opposite way and take the lead in the relationship?

(took from
Quote from the movie:
Alex:if a guy is treating you like he doesn't give a shit, then he genuinely doesn't give a shit.

Lady 1: I used to think, that I had never been dumped.
Lady 2: Yeah, and then we started comparing notes and then we realized—wait a second—we’ve both been dumped by every man we’ve ever been with.
Lady 1: Every. One.
Lady 2: Yeah!
Lady 1: They do it so skillfully.
Lady 2: Mmhm!
Lady 1: So sneaky. That you think that it was your idea.
Lady 2: Yeah yeah yeah. You know. You’re sitting back and you’re like “Oh oh oh yeah, this is my idea but then wait a second. Why am I alone?”
Lady 1: “Why am I unhappy? Why have I gained 20 pounds?”
Lady 2: Mmhm!
Lady 1: They genuinely mind trick you.
Lady 2: Yes, they do!
Lady 1: You know what I’m saying?
Lady 2: Yeah! And they got those lines that they like to tell you.
Lady 1: Yeah, like “Oh, I don’t want to stand in your way.”
Lady 2: Oh, or, “you’re perfect. It’s just I have to work on myself.”
Lady 1: Or, “I’m just thinking of YOUR happiness.”
Lady 2: “Oh, I don’t DESERVE you.” That’s my favorite.
Lady 1: You know what line that I don’t like?
Lady 2: Hm?
Lady 1:I’m so jealous of the guy that gets to marry you.” Well, that could’ve been you.
Lady 2: Yeah!
Lady 1: That’s what I was leaning towards.
Lady 2: Yeah! And let me tell you something. The second that you hear that, you just run to the store, get yourself some rims and a tub of ice cream because YOU have been dumped.

Aha! my pal who had been sitting beside me, which is a GUY, is waiting me to SHOOT him(No lar, is me who ready to shoot him XD)!
Yea, guys are jerk...
i know every guy friends of mine, is going to kill me ... LOL
But there re still nice guys around ...
Seriously, why do guys always taking the main lead in a relationship and hurt the woman who love them? It 's so unfair! Man always made the decision. Women don't even have the chance to say yes or no.
When they want to ditch you, you have to go away.
When they want you back, you go back to them?
Oops, sorry, did i just say dirty words?:P
Hey Women, don't be silly! when they said they don't deserve you, then they genuinely not deserve you!

This movie is recommended to all GIRLS!
In case you still don't understand, read this >>


aSmiCe said...

Good Movie.

Fully agree with what you have said, involves the vulgars too.

Jiayi said...

OMG LOL ... hehe ... remember to watch the movie!