Sunday, April 26, 2009


I can't believe that
I had my 2nd insomnia in my life
Yesterday night!
Without reason ... T__T
2nd attack! And this time is more serious than the 1st attack...

Thank god that Im still able to finish my Muet test today.
Seriously, i almost fell asleep during the reading test.
When i was reading the non ending article, I kinda missed my bed :(

I got on my bed at 2am yesterday night.
I was rolling in my bed...
My brain was still working...
My eyes still open widely...
I was so spirited ...
as Like i can dancing for all night ...

I was panic...
Because I still got a test to go at 8am morning...
Panic didn't solve the problem...

The clock is ticking ...
It was 5am in the morning.
I am still awake...
Wow ...
And finally i felt sleepy at that moment...
I think i took a short nap during that time...

It is 6.30am ... i get to wake up and ready for the test ...
Bad insomnia experience T____T

*I love Sleeping!*

Friday, April 24, 2009

What should i do?

Should I go for a

Hair perm?

Hair color?

Hair cut?

Scalp treatment?


Just stick my butt on the chair and watching some stupid drama with some snacks...

Am i too rich or what?
These days lotssaa weird ideas popped out from my brain...
And they all need
Yea... Great.
Who wanna sponsor me? :D

Monday, April 20, 2009


偶尔 也会像今天这样
鼻子酸酸的 胸口闷闷的 眼泪就流下来了
痛苦的 希望让生命就在今天终止

没有为了谁 没有为了什么事
却让我累得 不想再走下去了


我知道 我比很多人都幸福的
可是 为什么我无法从悲伤的悬崖爬上来?

一不开心就要找爸爸 找妈妈 想回家

黑黑的 是地狱吗?

像我这种人 是得不到幸福的
到最后只会伤害自己 伤害别人而已


痛苦的 让我希望 生命就此终止

He's just NOT that into you

I just watched this movie with my pal yesterday. It is ... cool?

Haha, Maybe you thought it is just another typical American romantic comedy. But what the movie tell is not just jokes and hilarious stuffs, but it tells u the truth. It's too cruel to admit it, but it just happened around us!

Stop finding excuses for the man who:
-Doesn't Want to Marry You

-Breaking Up with You

-Disappeared on You

-Not Asking You Out

-Not Calling You

They re just NOT that into u!

Somehow I think women are pathetic and poor creatures.
Why their life always being manipulated by guys?
Why they have to wait the guys to INTO her so that they can take further action?
Why can't woman do it in the opposite way and take the lead in the relationship?

(took from
Quote from the movie:
Alex:if a guy is treating you like he doesn't give a shit, then he genuinely doesn't give a shit.

Lady 1: I used to think, that I had never been dumped.
Lady 2: Yeah, and then we started comparing notes and then we realized—wait a second—we’ve both been dumped by every man we’ve ever been with.
Lady 1: Every. One.
Lady 2: Yeah!
Lady 1: They do it so skillfully.
Lady 2: Mmhm!
Lady 1: So sneaky. That you think that it was your idea.
Lady 2: Yeah yeah yeah. You know. You’re sitting back and you’re like “Oh oh oh yeah, this is my idea but then wait a second. Why am I alone?”
Lady 1: “Why am I unhappy? Why have I gained 20 pounds?”
Lady 2: Mmhm!
Lady 1: They genuinely mind trick you.
Lady 2: Yes, they do!
Lady 1: You know what I’m saying?
Lady 2: Yeah! And they got those lines that they like to tell you.
Lady 1: Yeah, like “Oh, I don’t want to stand in your way.”
Lady 2: Oh, or, “you’re perfect. It’s just I have to work on myself.”
Lady 1: Or, “I’m just thinking of YOUR happiness.”
Lady 2: “Oh, I don’t DESERVE you.” That’s my favorite.
Lady 1: You know what line that I don’t like?
Lady 2: Hm?
Lady 1:I’m so jealous of the guy that gets to marry you.” Well, that could’ve been you.
Lady 2: Yeah!
Lady 1: That’s what I was leaning towards.
Lady 2: Yeah! And let me tell you something. The second that you hear that, you just run to the store, get yourself some rims and a tub of ice cream because YOU have been dumped.

Aha! my pal who had been sitting beside me, which is a GUY, is waiting me to SHOOT him(No lar, is me who ready to shoot him XD)!
Yea, guys are jerk...
i know every guy friends of mine, is going to kill me ... LOL
But there re still nice guys around ...
Seriously, why do guys always taking the main lead in a relationship and hurt the woman who love them? It 's so unfair! Man always made the decision. Women don't even have the chance to say yes or no.
When they want to ditch you, you have to go away.
When they want you back, you go back to them?
Oops, sorry, did i just say dirty words?:P
Hey Women, don't be silly! when they said they don't deserve you, then they genuinely not deserve you!

This movie is recommended to all GIRLS!
In case you still don't understand, read this >>

Friday, April 17, 2009



虽然 到现在还对自己的决定耿耿于怀
可是 我似乎没有其他选择


In return

可是 那种短暂的幸福 太过的昂贵



所以才变成:我没有付出 把工作全部推给别人做
如果我什么都没做 我甘愿被骂
如果我是在知情的情况下 还假装什么都不知道 我甘愿被批评
可是我真的什么都不知道 你们为什么什么都不说清楚 要我自己去分析?
我比别人迟钝 又不够自动自发
可是 我不允许别人把我付出的东西当作透明!


突然发现, 我好久都没有生气了。。。 =.=
只是 生气了过后能让快乐多一点吗?
所以 就静静的难过就好了嘛。。。

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


leave me some comments pls ^^

Monday, April 13, 2009

Game Fest/ CyberFusion

Picture explain everything!

The longest Lan Party in Malaysia has started!

These are my friends who joined the Party...

Oops, someone had fell asleep...

This fellow damn yeng one... Guitar hero rocksss!

I think this is their "supporter" who motivates the player all the way to 40 hours guinness record

What can u see from the photo? XD

Yea, this is my booth. I' m Promoting highstreet 5 games!

Me and lovely Karen

I joined the PS3 street fighter tournament out of curiosity.

And i won a thumbdrive by getting 4th place! wohoho!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Random update

I felt uneasy since i didn't blog for days...
haha, Ive been busy for stuffs these few days.
But i still uploaded some songs, did u guys listen to it? haha
give some comments please... so that i can improve!

Well, i always been troubled with one question, am i a people who is hard to get along?
I can't get along with some gang which i dunno what is the problem.
Why they dislike me? Why they ignore my existence?
I asked my friend. She said: Because they jealous of u!
I am like: LOL?! jealous? Its impossible!
But this is not the 1st time i get back the same answer.
Why they jealous of me?
I m just a very normal person. Without extraordinary beauty, talent or smart brain.
And it is not a really good excuse to dislike me right?
But if someone is jealous of me pls tell me, i am glad to know the reason.
LOL cuz i got nothing to make people jealous la!

For those who dislike me, i won't like u either :P
For those who let me down, don't blame me for turn my back on you.
I will just live for myself, not others.
I won't suffer myself to be with the wrong gang in order to achieve my dream
Cuz my instinct tell me: they r not true to u, don't be silly to expect they will treat u sincerely one day.

Next, i ve been spending a lotssssssssss recently...
and now i m trying my best to fill the hole of my pocket...
I got new clothes, new watch, new cosmetic, new skin care, new...
I spend on foods, movies, shops...
There re Sales Everywhere!
Too bad i can't get any inner wear for myself when Triumph is on the sale also...
Haha, its kinda funny to see guys who were accompanying girls looking for inner wear...
but some how its sweet for a boyfriend to do so lar... XD
I think i ve finished spending my whole months allowance!
Yea, i m a shopaholic. I m once a shopaholic. And now the shopaholic is back!

Here i share a photo of my precious watch!

So what's next? I am going to get a new handphone soon! Hopefully i can get one lar.
So i am finding jobs to improve my financial situation.

Recently i ve watched a movie, it was really a great movie. It is long time ago since i m impressed with a movie. The title is : Confessions of a shopaholic!
Haha, i guess most of the girls had fall in love with this movie.
But for me, the movie is not only for girls, Guy should watch it as well!
I remember a scene which Becky Bloomwood is chased by the creditor for her huge debt and her father actually wanted to sell his dream recreational van to clear her debt.
Becky: It(the van) defines you!
Dad: Nothing defines me. Other than you and your mum.
Wow, the word touched me...
I know my dad will do the same if i face the same problem.
I was trying to not let my tears rolling down my cheeks. Ha.

Ok. Back to the exam just now.It was my final subject for the midterm. But the teacher just annoyed me!
With the shitty look on his face, i feel like to throw my paper on his face so that he can SHUT UP! What the heck with the NO EARLY SUBMISSION?!
What u expect us to do in 1 hour with 40 MCQ questions?
Please don't make us to stay with you when u got no date for the night.
I completed the paper in 15 mins! This is what i did for the rest of the time. As usual.

Well, Stupid teacher, U just took my precious 1 hour anime/drama time to spend at the exam venue, with U! =_______= Hoho. Im going to give u a very low rating for the evaluation...

As for the algorithm paper, i think i will get the 1st zero marks in my life. LOL

I am doing fine for this week. I am working hard in looking jobs, finding the target in my life, and working hard on my dream and future. I m trying to adapt to my new mood, new target of life and a ... New me! I am going to change myself. Yea, i have to. For my brighter future, for a better me, and for the one who loved me.
I am learning to appreciate being loved. But still, I m picky. Haha.
So, papa don't worry. I won't do any extra stuffs other than study. Ok? XD
I will make myself a better person so that i can deserve a better partner! ^^
But, the acne on my face is seriously annoyed me!!! Grrr... Why do u appear any where, some more in rapid speed!
Ok lar, i know its my fault, I will get to sleep earlier tonight. Lately i ve been turn in late due to exams and some useless stuffs..
My body is sending me a lots of warning. (I cant tell you what is it :P)
If i dun take better care of myself, I will end up like ...
Other than that, i won't hope my illness relapses again. It is suffering >.<

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Skip! Beat

My favourite Anime "Skip!Beat"has finally come to the end...!
Although i dun really satisfied with the ending ...
It will come out with a 2nd season i think ...
I hope so ...
Cuz i just love it too much!

i have captured some interesting scene from the anime..

What is Love?
Have you ever experienced Love?
What is the true meaning of Love?
I am confused.

Hearing their voice, Looking into their eyes make me happy?
I had experienced that before ...
Does it means i had been really in love before?
I wonder...

Anyway, This is a nice anime! Recommended by Jiayi! ^^