Thursday, March 19, 2009

Love at 1st sight

I immediately fall in love with the Juicy Couture Bags at first sight!
They re just ToooooOOOO Cute!

Well, before that i never know that they are branded since they looks so cute and young, totally different with those Guess or LV bags (which kinda Suitable for "Older" woman XD)

I ' m thinking to get a imitation ... but I heard some comments that said the imitation of JC is kinda yucky... Well, i think i ve to wait till i get my 1st salary to buy it, i wonder how long i need to wait? haih ...

The low quality imitation already cost more than RM 50, AA quality cost more than RM150, how do u think about the authentic one? LOL!

Tell me how could i resist these piano series bag/pencil case?
Now I m blaming myself for being poor T__T
They are just toooooooooo Attractive ><

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