Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jiayi's Life

Q.What crazy things have you ever done in your life?
A.Seriously, i cant think of any. I used to lead a peaceful life. Or should i say, PLAIN life?
I was thinking to did one last time, but i was not giving a chance to do so. I didn't have the guts to do so as well. And now i think that i m actually lucky that i don't have the chance to do so, else i will be regretting for my stupid action that i did now.

Q.What silly things have you ever done in your life?
A. Wow, that's a lot. its countless. And i don't even bother to remember what was those silly things that i've done. Its way too embarrassing to remember them. I used to be so naive and clumsy, of course there re toooooo much silly things that i CAN do. LOL

Q.What is the hardest things that you have to overcome in your life?
A. Ok. There re 3.
1st. Sense of direction
I can still lost my way in the neighbourhood that i ve lived for 10++ years.
I spend 1 month to remember the route to my class with MAP when i 1st enter my Uni.

2nd. Driving
Yea. I got my license. And of course I can drive. Manual car some more! I can change the gear very smoothly.
I can't do side parking, reverse parking,
i can't measure the distance between my car and car beside me,
i dunno how to overtake cars, i got a phobia to drive on highway,
last but not least , i can't remember the route to the destination!

yea, i know i am lame T_T

3rd Programming
The subject that i hate the most in my life!
I spent a miserable Uni life becuz of IT!
I will always end up with crying face when I need to do the assignment or prepare for the exam.
I will get really emo everytime when I face the codes.
I did try to work on it during my beta years. I thought nothing can beat me.
I carried the programming books everywhere.
But i only can master it theoretically, but not practically!
So, i decided to give up.
It was the reason that i hope to graduate asap from this university.
Screw you programming!

Q.What is the easiest thing in your life?
A.Sleep. Eat.

Yea. I used to sleep well and eat well.
I love to sleep and i love to eat.

Miraculously, Lazy bum having insomnia for the 1st time in her 20 years life!
yea, It happened once.
I swear there are nothing running in my brain that night!
Or maybe, i was thinking about SOMETHING unconsciously...
SOMETHING was too bad that give me a sleepless night...

I lost my appetite sometimes, when i was in really really bad mood.
But Sometime i will try to eat a lots of food to overcome my bad mood.
I know that was wrong. But it is better than i eat nothing right?

1.Insommia + Lost appetite = thin
2.Sleep Well + Eat a lot = fat

I will choose the 1st one! I rather to become a vampire than a fat ass :(


Jay Chong Yen Jye said...

Aiyo.... try not to think so much lah, just do whatever in front of you, just satisfy whatever you got and just let go whatever didn't come to you. Get what i mean?

Jiayi said...

yes sir! XD