Saturday, March 7, 2009

Japanese Cultural Night 09

Thanks a lot to my Sisterzzz... Puiyee and Karen!

Thanks for turning me into a glamorous star that night...^^
The girls suddenly transformed into my manager and nanny/escort during that night. Haha.
I felt so sweet to have them around me ...

Thanks for encouraging me...
Thanks for giving me confidence...
Thanks for teaching me how to face my problem...
Thanks for letting me know, I was imperfect too...
I will try to improve myself, no matter what is the outcome.
At least i tried it, So i won't have any regrets.
Thanks for everything that u gals done for me ... I love u muaks! hahaha...

I did give it my best shot on the stage that night.
At least I didn't cracked my voice. haha.

I finally fulfilled my dream.
Singing Japanese song on stage.
Singing Speed's song on stage.
Singing my idol's song that inspired me and leaded me to this music path...

I m grateful to Hanfu for giving me this opportunity.
Thanks to my band members that help me to complete the songs...
No matter what happened at down stage, I will never forget the moments on stage.
I won't let anybody, anything affects my performance on stage.


Share some photo here ^^

My guardian angels ^^

PuiYee so Proud of her work. Always busy tidying my hair all the time. haha

I love this Pic... Emo~ LOL

White Love- Speed

God knows- Hirano Aya


cH33_m31 said... sexy gal..getting slimmer...
must eat more k?! and i will be by ur side no matter what happen to u...jia you!! and congrats for ur good performance!

Jiayi said...

lol why need to eat more? ><
haha .. thanks for ur support ^^
i will be ok ^^

aSmiCe said...

haha of cuz la proud!

Jiayi said...

haha... 1st time i realised that my hair can be so "thick" XD
although somebody said it looks a bit outstanding... haha whatever...