Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why can't i save them?

During the days i back to hometown. 2 of my little sis's friend's puppy passed away successively...

Her friend called YH. Her house has rear many mongrel dogs. 5 or 6... and recently the female dog born a batch of puppies. Only 2 survive. One with short fur but looks not so cute, i dunno its name. Another with long fur and adorable looks called Alex. Obviously they bias to Alex more. i just turn a blind eyes to this matter.

Some problem occur on the 1st puppy. It bit by some other adult dogs in their house. YH claimed that it is going to die. OMG, she didn't seem to care about anything that happen to that poor puppy.
We never found any serious injuries on its body. But it don't want to eat. And i dunno why its tummy is so big and round. Maybe there are worms inside. Other parts of its body are so skinny that we can see its bone!
There re lots of fleas inside its ear and other parts of its body. i got goosebump when i saw that. But my little sis, a professional "fleas catcher" offered to do the job. I wonder why she is so enjoyable when doing this job which can scare me off.

I go back home and take some glucose and mix in the water. We force him to drink. Glucose can provide some energy to him so that he can fight the disease. The little fellow still can walk. One of its eye is swollen and cannot open. It might cause by the pus which stick it eyes lid. We use water to rub on it so the sticky stuff can go off.

We go for 2nd times on the following days and do the same job.

But after that we are so busy for the preparation for New year and parents don't like us being busybody for this stuff.

The little fellow passed away on the 1st day of chinese new year. Haih...

Alex had some problem no long time after another puppy passed away. YH claimed that it was stil active in the morning, but it vomit suddenly at noon. And it become strengthless and cannot move at all.

It is a serious problem for a little puppy. My little sis want to drag me over her house. But i rejected. I am not a vet, somemore even i saved her dog this time, i cant save it in the future. I can't accept tey way YH's family treat their dogs. They are house dog. But they are approve to run outside freely every moment and they don't even care when the dogs bring wounds to home because of fighting. They are nothing different with stray dog!

But at last, i still follow my sis to her house. I thought i can watch with folded arm this time. I saw YH is crying. But what, i feel funny. What is the tears for?? Cute dog deserved to be crying over. How about the 1st dog? We had warn her. She should take care of the puppy carefully.
I just unbear to leave a innocent lives lying at there. And YH said that her mum saved a dog by feeding it raw egg with sugar. Although i unapproved of this method, thats nothing else can i do. Alex mostly are getting food poisoning. It is so weak and both of its eyes cannot open. There are green pus coming out from its eyes. What i can do is clean his body, dry his body, wrap him with a clothes to make him warm. We force him eat the raw egg.(I regretted that i approve this method. It just fasten his death.) And we put him in a box. It sleep soundly after that.

Alex passed away in the following morning. Even vet also can't save him. It is already reach its final stage. I just afraid it is a case of Distemper or Parvovirus. The disease is highly contagious and cannot be cure. I am worry for the dogs in this neighbourhood.

Haih. Why i can't save them? I should study something useful to help those innocent lives instead of wasting my time here and study something useless for myself.

Papa dun let me open pet shop. Fine. Now he even stop me to become a nurse in vet clinic. T_______T because of my trachea problem... Cisss.... i can always wear a mask ...

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