Saturday, February 14, 2009

Song list

#过敏-covered by Jiayi(original by Rainy Yang)
#情伤covered by Jiayi(Original Composer:GuoXiong Singer:HuiLin)
#下雨天covered by Jiayi(Original by Lara/南拳妈妈)
# 恋のサヴァイヴァル-Coco d’Or (hiro) [Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive]
#It's just 3 days - Jiayi(NEW!)
#海里的记忆[memories in sea] - Jiayi
#.无结[endless story] - Jiayi
#.ハレハレユカイ(harehareyukai) - Jiayi(Suzumiya Haruhi's Theme Song)
#.あしたの空[ashita no sora/Sky of tomorrow]
#.爱上鲨鱼的美人鱼(female version)[mermaid who in love with a shark]- 朴熙京 (from korean drama )
#.爱上鲨鱼的美人鱼[mermaid who in love with a shark]-赵冠宇
(from korean drama )
#.White Love - COver by Mirai
#. White Love|STEADY|Body&Soul 2008- Speed
#.Only you - From korean Drama
#.Snow kiss - Speed
#.Find - SS501
#. byul [Star]- youme (Korean drama <200>)
#.我还是不懂 [I still don't understand]- A-Lin
#.相信[believe] - 朱浩仁 (originated from Bo go Ship Ta[missing you] - Kim Bum Soo)
#.Something new - Speed
#.黄昏晓[the sunset] - 王心凌 Cindy (From Taiwan Drama )
#.笨得可以[I'm just too stupid] - 郭采洁 (From Taiwan Drama )
#.爱炼 - 神木与瞳
#. 疯子[Mad]-许哲佩 Peggy


Jiayi said...

New song Updated!
-composed by 国雄
-sang by 慧琳

This was my favourite song for Fresh Bottle Recital 5.
I rearrange it into piano version.
It cant be compared with the original version for sure! hehe
I Love the melody, and i started to understand the meaning of the lyrics. Lets Give a round of applause to the composer! wohoho

Jiayi said...

New song updated!
下雨天 by Lara/南拳妈妈。

It is raining outside
when i recorded this song.
Maybe it was the rain which inspired me to make this song.
The rain looks like tears...
Like The sky is crying...
I love being in the rain.
Because the rain can wash away my tears.

I used the rain sound as my music effect. There was thunder some more. God is really helping me to present a perfect effect for the song. Haha.