Tuesday, February 3, 2009

R.I.P Xiao Bai

Xiao Bai... my 1st and one and only white hamster, has passed away peacefully at 18 Jan 09.
It's so pity that she can't celebrate Chinese New year with us.

Little sis found Xiao Bai lying in her cage as usual, her usual sleeping posture, Little sis thought she is just sleeping soundly. But we never expect she will never wake up from her sleep.

Little sis found her leave peacefully in her favourite pink cage. We never expect she is the one who left us because she is used to be so cheerful and easy going. She never get irritated when we disturb her neither when stranger playing with her.

Little sis got upset whole day and crying while watching her photo.
I thought i can control my emotion, but when i see Little sis cried over Xiao Bai's body,the tears rolled down my cheeks.

She is the 1st hamster that i had in my life. She comes together with her partner, Xiao Hei, which also leave us. Maybe now they can meet in heaven.

She is our family's favourite. Papa and Mama liked her so much because of her white fur, fat body and adorable look. We will miss her always.

We buried her under the neighbourhood land. Occasionally we will went the place to look for her, bless that she will happy always, no matter where she is.

her last photo

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