Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Never abandon your pets

  Accidentally I heard from my little niece that my Uncle abandoned his dog when it was sick. The dog chased his car when he throw it at somewhere outside their housing area.

I felt so upset when i heard all this but only can keep my mouth shut because i don't dare to reason with an elders. But my heart felt so uncomfortable.

I feel so heartache and cold when my uncle which i always think is a Mr. Perfect did such a thing to an innocent life. I told my dad about my thought. He encourage me to tell my uncle about my thought.

So, I did it. And in the end it is just a misunderstanding. The dog has been very misbehavior. It was sick and had a cramps on its leg lately. It don't want to move a single step but making noise everyday. Uncle has send him to the vet but it can't be cured.

Due to the nuisance and noise disturbance it brought to the neighbourhood, Uncle plan to move it to somewhere further so that he won't receive complain from the neighbour.

He put him at a place which is not so far from their house. He claim that it can recognize the route to go home from that place. He will provide his meal still. The dog chase their car for some times after they leaved him (He never move a step after he got the illness!)

Uncle feel guilty after some times and get back to the place. But the dog is missing. It is nowhere to be found. This is how the story ends.

He told me he was so regret after listening to what i said. Then i ask him to take care of his other dogs with more care and never abandon them to atone his guilt.

*Never abandon your pets when their death is around the corner. They will feel warm and safe when you are with them at the last moment of their life.

*Support them through thick and thin. They bring laughter to your life when they are healthy, now it's your turn to support them when they are old and sick.

*You got your own friends and family. But your pet only got you. Care them is your responsibility. Love them will make their life complete.

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