Monday, February 23, 2009

i am 20!!!

OMG ... i am old ... :( never mind, it means i am mature right, Right, RIGHT? lol

well, this year i din got birthday emo, its great thing for me ...! kakaka... don blame me for being emo-ing during my big day, i am sensitive... kekeke...

I got my greatest gift from God during my 20th birthday! u guess what? is the number of the scale! i ve lost 3-4kg more since chinese new year!!!! omg , am i being unhealthy or what? i didnt cut on my meal, i m too lazy to exercise.... so i lost my fat without reason?! yea... it is!

i rush into my room and take out all my old clothes. And u see what, i can fit into my old PANTS!!! wow.... such a great news for me. i ve been abandon for such a long time, sorry pals! XD

i even try on my sis(which is sooooooo skinny) and my mum(smaller size than me)'s pant, which i can fit in!!! Ahahaha ... thats the reason i being so happy for the whole day of my birthday...
and of course i will wear the shorts(quite short for me) which i Never tried before during the outing of my birthday! hahaha...who knows when will my fat get back and give me a surprise... LOL

Well my sisters are shocked... and they could never call me Fatty Da Jie(fat big sis) again. haha... My mum even worry that something happened to my health ... ya, i think really got problem lo... XD

But my friends never notice at all ... >.< nah, its ok.. at least i get back my confident... NAhahah!

So the next, i wan to buy shorts, shorts, Shorts, and SHORTS! of course long jeans as welll! Sorry to my louise, I just bring it home for nt even 2 months, i ve to abandon it edi, its too loose for me... Maybe i will get u back in not long time again? CHoi!! touch wood... i donwan bcome fat again :(

hmm... ok enough of the weight scale issues... I get back to hometown specially to celebrate v my dearest family. We hardly can go on an outing and having a nice dinner together since everybody are so busy for their own stuff... I got papa, mama, 2 sisters and grandpa celebrating my birthday with me! it is simple but sweet. ^^

The place we were having dinner is located at Danga Bay, for ur info, its at Johor Bahru ^^

I started to receive calls and sms when 12am arrived. i received 3 birthday song, or should i said 2.5? someone is forced by me to sing a birthday song to me... haha

hmm...i heard sms ringtone rang during my sleep ... even at 6am ~.~ LOL

I spend my next days with my best friend and fellow junior of Secondary school ... Its fun. It had been so long since the last gathering.

I think thats all ... i will upload the pic later ... ^^

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