Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Frequent Question

The most frequent question that i had been ask during New year is:
"Hey, you got boyfriend already?"
"Hey, you daughter got bring boyfriend back? my friend's daughter's bf looks so XXX, no standard at all. My friend don't like him at all. "

yeah yeah yeah, i know i am old, i know i has reached a awkward age... But my dad never rush me for this thing before. Because he said i only can have bf when i am 21.(Amazing dad harr?) Haha... I never listen to him. I do it on my own way.

Well well, its true those cousin that are around my age or even younger than me, had a partner. But doesn't me i need to have too. rite?

When Uncle Auntie ask me this question, my busybody sister will answer:"Nobody wants her... hohoho..." yaya, my 2 sisters are sooooo obedient that even help me answer this question...

Ehm.... that's nothing wrong to stay single right? I am not commit any crime. Haha. But Mum said something surprisingly:
"I just afraid you might be left on the shelf... Never mind, then you can always accompany me by my side. hoho."

Ish... good mum indeed...

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