Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Flower 4/ Hana Yori Dango Korean Version/花样男子/流星花园


It is the best casting for this drama among other version of hana yori dango.
Even though the casting for this drama are all new and unknown korean artist, but they are pretty boy, INDEED!!

wohoho... the female character who take the Makino's role(杉菜) is so cute, unlike the taiwan and japanese version. I like her so muchhhhhh....

Of course, the artists who take the Domyouji Tsukasa(道明寺司) and Hanazawai Rui(花泽类)is kind of a beauty... For sure i will fall in love with Rui at the 1st sight. He is prettier than a girl....
But if we follows along the story, for sure Domyouji will be my choice. Kakaka. But if this kind of guy appears in the real life, it will be a big No No to me. I don't like violent and unreasonable guy ... LOL

Surprisingly, Sojiroh(西门) in this drama is so extraordinary that attract my eyesight. Nah, he is just so cute! kakaka.... ehm. about the Akira(美作), he looks not bad. But not my cup of tea. WOhoho.

Check this out for the synopsis and downloads...

It is not 100% same with the original story.

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